Tianyu Li

PhD Student @ MIT CSAIL


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA 02139

I am currently a PhD student at MIT DSG working with Prof. Sam Madden. Before joining MIT, I worked with the infamous Andy Pavlo at the CMU terrier club, where I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science.

selected publications

  1. Performant Almost-Latch-Free Data Structures Using Epoch Protection
    Li, Tianyu, Chandramouli, Badrish, and Madden, Samuel
  2. Asynchronous Prefix Recoverability for Fast Distributed Stores
    Li, Tianyu, Chandramouli, Badrish, Faleiro, Jose M., Madden, Samuel, and Kossmann, Donald
  3. Mainlining Databases: Supporting Fast Transactional Workloads on Universal Columnar Data File Formats
    Li, Tianyu, Butrovich, Matthew, Ngom, Amadou, Lim, Wan Shen, McKinney, Wes, and Pavlo, Andrew
    Proc. VLDB Endow. 2021